Startupbootcamp, the world’s largest network of startups, faced with the complexity of becoming GDPR compliant, decided to implement a data management strategy of – that has already proven to be successful. Having their way paved, the preparative phase took only a month., the company whose strategy Startupbootcamp decided to copy, started a new wave of personal data-driven products, in order to empower people and enhance businesses worldwide.

Some of the biggest challenges that Startbootcamp had to face in this process include a big amount of data that was stored in different kinds of forms, places, and multiple systems, as well as a large number of third parties they shared the data with, through multiple apps and tools. What’s more, in order to meet the requirements under GDPR, they needed to find an innovative and flexible solution in order to adequately maintain the complex cooperation between collaborators.

What did they actually need?

First, Startupbootcamp had to employ multiple systems to organize, manage, and track data. By understanding the mechanism of data flow, as well as its characteristics, a company is able to precisely locate where the data is stored. Consequently, they’re able to develop techniques of proper data protection.

Moreover, they prioritized team training, ensuring that they’re building a strong, effective, and motivated team prepared for upcoming challenges on their journey to GDPR compliance.

Many tasks needed to be completed within a short period of time, since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes a great number of obligations, including some new personal rights, such as the “Right to be forgotten”. Needless to say, non-compliance calls for some strict measures and high fines.

In order to comply with the new regulation, Startbootcamp took several important steps:

  1. Employed the strategy originally created by to automate and manage data processes;
  2. Used multiple systems to audit, manage and track data;
  3. Trained the SBC team;
  4. Acted efficiently and promptly to meet all requirements within the deadline.

What makes their GDPR compliance story quite impressive is that Startbootcamp benefited from the process, saving approximately £22,000 in setup costs and 220 days of work, due to the automation of processes.

You can find the full story on how Startupbootcamp successfully complied with GDPR here: