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Jessica Kinny

Solicitor Director, 

Kinny Legal

I am the GDPR+Health Care Lawyer in Sydney

As an experienced commercial litigator and business lawyer, Jesica is the founder of Kinny Legal, an award-winning, boutique virtual law firm that offering comprehensive corporate and commercial legal services to innovative companies. Also, she has extensieve experience in advising companies operating in the aged care, retirement and health sectors including ASX-listed companies, overseas investors, private companies and innovative start-ups.

Law Firm:

Kinny Legal

Representative Client:


Address: Level 21, 133 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000

City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Phone: 02 9199 4563

Email: [email protected]

Personal web page: Personal page

Law School: University of Technology Sydney


First Consultation: Free

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