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Onyx Online Law

I am the Piece of Mind lawyer in Brisbane, Australia

Highly skilled legal counsel with particular expertise in data privacy, GDPR, technology, marine, health and professional services. Possesing strong skills for data protection and data privacy, risk assessment, quality assurance, safety and environmental management systems. The founder and Principal of Onyx Online Law. Has extensive experience with a broad variety of corporate and commercial issues including contracts, mergers and acquisitions, business structures, employment and governance.

Law Firm:

Onyx Online Law

Representative Client:

Address: Unit 5, 6 Endeavour Boulevard, North Lakes, Australia

City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Phone: 61423462207

Email: [email protected]

Personal web page: Personal page

Law School: Queensland University of Technology

Undergraduate: Queensland University of Technology

First Consultation: Free

Question and Answer

No. Australia has had a Privacy Act since 1988 that people in business need to comply with, but it does not have the same level of obligations as GDPR. So, for example, you don't need to have a specialist privacy representative appointed for your business in Australia.

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