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Here are lawyers, around the world, whom we've seen are just awesome at GDPR issues. And affordable. And no, none of them are paying us to be here.

Laura Clark Fey



With 20 years of experience at litigation and successfully defending U.S. and multinational organizations in a See Laura Clark Fey’s Profile

Tara Aaron


Aaron | Sanders PLLC

With interets in the ongoing development of privacy laws and how tech companies will have to See Tara Aaron’s Profile

Jennifer A. Beckage

Managing Partner, 


Recognized as one of the Top 30 data breach attorneys in the United States by Cybersecurity See Jennifer A. Beckage’s Profile

Jordan Louise Fischer


XPAN Law Group

I am the comprehensive lawyer in Philadelphia, USA

As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (“WBE”) and Women Owned Small Business (“WOSB”), Jordan focuses her See Jordan Louise Fischer’s Profile

Jessica Kinny

Solicitor Director, 

Kinny Legal

I am the GDPR+Health Care Lawyer in Sydney

As an experienced commercial litigator and business lawyer, Jesica is the founder of Kinny Legal, an See Jessica Kinny’s Profile

Electra Japonas


The Law Boutique Limited

I am the Startup Lawyer in London, UK

Electra is an experienced in-house lawyer and the founder of The Law Boutique where she works See Electra Japonas’s Profile

Jeanette Jifkins


Onyx Online Law

I am the Piece of Mind lawyer in Brisbane, Australia

Highly skilled legal counsel with particular expertise in data privacy, GDPR, technology, marine, health and professional See Jeanette Jifkins’s Profile

Celia Lerman


Lerman & Szlak

I am the Practical lawyer in San Francisco (California), USA

Celia is a lawyer (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella – UTDT, Valedictorian), Intellectual Property LLM (Universidad Austral, See Celia Lerman’s Profile

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