GDPR Compliance Law is a site created with two particular missions:

  • To create communities of business owners and executives, online, so they can understand the GDPR and figure out how to best comply with it
  • To compile lists of high-quality but affordable lawyers who specialize in GDPR issues.

With these two missions in mind–voilà! Here we are.

To make these missions happen, we are doing a few things — with your support. (And if you want to support us by writing articles — sure! Thank you! We’ll link to you and give you hugs and buy you a beer when we meet up in person — where are you? Just let us know!)

We’re creating content that we’re aiming to be useful.

We’re finding lawyers, interviewing them, talking to some of their clients, and seeing if we think they are worthy of being included in our site.

Here is what we are not doing: anything that wouldn’t be kosher according to the ABA’s rule 7.2b. In other words, there’s no business model here, no money being exchanged. Not even advertising! Maybe one day there will be. Let’s see how this experience goes.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, thoughts, feedback — or want to help out in this initiative — then contact us. We’re friendly, too friendly 🚀 And we love using emojis. Not very lawyerly, but we’re humans, too. Dare I even say… millennials?